The Comparison of Thailand’s social, international, and environmental situation between the years 1940 - 1950 with 2000 - 2022


  • Victor Phisitkul Researcher



Thailand, Environment, Society, International Relations


World War II is often discussed through the perspectives of the allies and, in particular, American and British soldiers. But, the discussion about Thailand’s contribution, context, and situation is often lacking or overlooked. The author thus decided to compare the Thai situation (environment, society, and international relations) in the years 1940 -1950 with the present (2000-2022) after analyzing primary and secondary sources. During and just prior to the Second World War, Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram was the Prime Minister of the nation. Post-war, Seni Pramoj led Thailand. During WW2, the Thai government supported Japan in the battle. Since Thailand supported the Japanese, they were forced to pay reparations. Additionally, during WW2, the Thai people had electricity, electronics, cars, and even planes sold from Japan. Nowadays, Thailand has many allies, like the US. Thailand’s technology has drastically improved along with the quality of life. Still, the natural environment has been damaged drastically through plastic and deforestation. Thus, there are numerous similar and different relationships between the past (1940-1950) and the present (2000-2022). The influence received from Western countries and the political influence of the Prime Minister are similar; however, the two periods differ in the environment, way of life, technology, and alliances.     


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