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  • Stephen Salinas Memorial Middle School
  • LaVonne Fedynich Texas A&M University-Kingsville




Absenteeism, Dropout Prevention, School Administrators, Truancy, Truancy Laws.


This literature review explored one of the most profound problems that public schools deal with on a daily basis: Student truancy and the repercussions stemming from the absentees. Student absenteeism has become a growing problem in American schools and there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer to solving this crisis. It appears that school administrators aren’t dealing with the issue in a successful manner and thereby are not getting to the root of the issue. These problems with attendance go deeper into the culture of the generation that is in schools today. Failed parenting styles and failed legislation is drowning public schools and putting many obstacles in their path to success.  New truancy laws are being passed only put more pressure on the schools instead of inconveniencing the parents and letting them deal with the consequences of their truant child.  This paper also explored what stop-gap measures schools are putting in place to deal with these attendance issues such as programs and incentives to battle this epidemic.

Author Biographies

  • Stephen Salinas, Memorial Middle School



  • LaVonne Fedynich, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

    Educational Leadership and Counseling

    Professor Educational Leadership and Counseling

    Program Coordinator of the Educational Administration Program


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