A Close Analysis of the Characteristics of Lin Hwai-min’s Dance Works


  • Yiou Guo School of Architecture and Arts, Central South University, P.R. China,410083
  • Jianhua Li Central South University




Lin Hwai-min;Cloud Gate Dance Theatre;Choreography.


Lin Hwai-min, one of the most prestigious East Asian choreographers in the world, established the first contemporary dance company in Taiwan, the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, which created a unique impression of Asian modern dance. Since his earliest dance works, unique balance is struck between literature and dance texts, mainland China and Taiwan, the East and the West, dance and humanities. This thesis begins from the perspectives of literary, eastern symbols, body language and music. It analyzes the artistic characteristics of Lin Hwai-min’s dance works, aiming to reveal the essence of choreographs. 

Author Biographies

Yiou Guo, School of Architecture and Arts, Central South University, P.R. China,410083

• 09/2018-presentDoctor of Philosophy(Philosophy of Arts), School of Architecture and Arts, Central South University (rank #17 in China), Changsha, Hunan Province, P.R. China • 09/2015-05/2017Master of Fine Arts (Dance) New York University, New York, NY Tisch School of the Arts, Dance Department• 09/2011-06/2015Bachelor of Arts (Dance Studies) Capital Normal University, Beijing, P.R. China

Jianhua Li, Central South University

Professor in Philosophy at Central South University P.R. China.


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Interview video of Lin Hwai-min


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Choreography Video List:

Legacy. (1978) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.

The Dream of the Red Chamber. (1983) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.

Rite of Spring. (1984) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.

My Nostalgia, My Songs. (1986) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.

Nine Songs. (1993) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.

Songs of the Wanderers. (1994) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.

Portrait of the Families. (1997) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.

Moon Water. (1998) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.

Bamboo Dream. (2001) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.

Cursive. (2001) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.

Smoke. (2002) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.

Cursive II. (2003) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.

Wild Cursive. (2005) Choreographed by Lin Hwai-min.