A Historical Perspective in the Christian-Muslim Relations in Nigeria since 1914


  • Adamolekun Taiye A senior Lecturer in the church History and Christian studies Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Nigeria




Historica-Perspective, Christian-Muslim, Relations Nigeria.


This paper discusses Christian- Muslim relations in Nigeria since 1914. In achieving the objective in this paper, Historical approach is adopted. It gives a historical survey of the evolution of Nigeria and the attitude of colonial administration to religious propaganda. The method of conversion adopted by Islam and Christianity in pre-independence is discussed .The independence and republican constitution provision for religious freedom is pointed out. The role of military Government on religious development and interaction is identified. 1978 Nigeria constituent Assembly debate on Sharia court of appeal and 1979 constitution on Religious affairs are discussed. New dimension in Religious propaganda, fanaticism, fundamentalism, and Religious Politics since 1980 is discussed. The 1999 constitution and Sharia law in the civilian dispensation is identified. Religious terrorism as practised by maitasine and Boko Haram sects is discussed. It is discovered that various factors contributed and affected Christian-Muslim relationship in Nigeria. The paper concludes with suggestions and solutions to the problems affecting Christian-Muslim relations.