God and Dignity of Labour in Nigeria: A Moral Perspective


  • S. AWONIYI Department of Religion and African Culture, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria




The concept labour can be viewed from different perspectives. In the first instance, it can be assessed in forms of work or vocation embarked upon as a source of livelihood either in a private or public affair of mankind. Also, it refers to work done for wages. Besides, it is equally a generic word for employees and trade unions as a collective. However, dignity of labour is fundamental to the nature of man because man often lifts himself when he does his work well. In line with this observation Pat Utomi writes that:The dignity of the human person is tied very closely to work. And when we work well, when we recognize the dignity of other human beings as they work, we essentially elevate the ordinary to the level of the engagement of   the divine (Utomi,2004:29).