Insecurity in Contemporary Nigeria: Useful Lessons of Judicial Administration in the Old Ondo Province as a Panacea


  • AFE, Adedayo Emmanuel Ph.D Department of History and International Studies Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria



justice, judicial system, law, court and insecurity.


The people of Old Ondo Province have for long appreciated the role of stable life as indispensable to the overall growth of the society. To maintain this, the people resorted to modern judicial administration, taking redress in court of justice instead of taking law into their hands. This paper, therefore, examines how judicial administration was a panacea for insecurity in the Old Ondo Province, 1914-1954. The judicial system curtailed gradation of courts which encouraged effective litigation and appeal process. The thesis of this paper is imperative since peace is the bedrock of the survival and development of any nation. This form of judicial process, if applied in contemporary life, would provide the impetus needed to mitigate prevailing security challenges. Primary and secondary sources were used. This paper concludes that the law of any nation that will develop should be humane, supreme and obeyed.