Integrated communication in retail fashion: a study of integration Between advertising and communication at the point of sale


  • Marcela Bortotti Favero Universidade de São Paulo São Paulo (SP) – Brazil
  • Francisco J.S.M. Alvarez Universidade de São Paulo São Paulo (SP) – Brazil



fashion retail, communication at the point of sale, advertising, integrated communications.


This paper aims to verify if there is integration and consistency between the messages and positioning used in communication campaigns propagated by television and print media in relation to existing communication at point of sale, the major department stores of fashion. The study is based on the importance of communication from the point of sale with in the compound of integrated communications. The research methodology involved multiple case studies, and the stores surveyed were: C&A, Riachue loand Marisa. Data collection took two steps: mapping of communication actions at the point of sale through visits and research of television campaigns and printed via virtual files. The analysis focused on the discourse promoted by the material and identified that there is a consistency in the message and also the similarity of communication these brands.