Evolutionary Theology and Bioethics





evolutional theology, evolutionary Christian bioethics


   The essential theses of evolutional theology are set forth here, which assume biological evolution to be either a technology of the Creator or His own evolution towards understanding His own intentions and attributes. The paradigm of evolutional Christianity is reviwed along with the position and the role of humans in the psychophysical megasynthesis of the Universe and the attibutes of religious and scientifically-atheistic world-view. Biological evolution is interpreted as an ascending row of divine embodiments in biological organisms culminated in the most cephalized  living forms:  human being (terrestrial form) and higher dolphins (water form). The establishment of communication between these living forms is considered a necessary stage of integration of Noospheric consciousness. It is suggested to use the ethics of the Creator’s attitude to human beings, as a basis of bio-ethical attitude of humans to animals, especially to higher ones possessing advanced intellect and soul. 

Author Biography

  • Alexander Georgievich Yushchenko, National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"
    Alexander G. Yushchenko is a multi-science investigator at National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Ukraine. His research interests cover electrodynamics of new types of dielectric waveguide structures, expert systems, evolutionary modeling, theory of creative processes, neural networks, etc. For a long time he worked in Microwave Devices Laboratory of a Karazin State University, Kharkiv, Ukraine, where he made a career from an engineer to a chief designer of filter development for defense industry of the former USSR (S-300 and Buk-M2 missiles, etc.). He led the competitive research of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine that was devoted to the development of satellite and cable communications and television in Ukraine. He has published about 150 scientific papers, has 12 patents of the USSR, Russia and Ukraine. His principal scientific achievements and CV have been listed in international directories.


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