The pedagogy of Short-Term Study-Abroad Programs


  • Jude Gonsalvez Anna Maria College



Study abroad, Short term study tour, Travel abroad


This paper focuses on establishing guidelines on the pedagogy of short term study abroad programs. This study follows 33 students who participated in a short-term study-abroad program to India with the researcher from 2006 through 2011. The study relies heavily on the student reflections and expressions as they experienced them. It is qualitative in nature. Focus groups were the main method of data collection, where participants were invited to reflect, express, and share their experiences with one another. This provided an opportunity for the participants to come together, relive their experiences, and help provide information as to how and what type of an influence this short-term study-abroad program provided. 

Author Biography

Jude Gonsalvez, Anna Maria College

Dr. Jude Gonsalvez has over two decades of teaching and practice in the field of social work. He has worked at Loyola College ( India), Madras Christian College ( India), Bridgwater State Colllege ( USA), Marywood University ( USA), and Anna Maria College in the capacity of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Director. He has also worked int he field of substance abuse with the organization the Bridge of Central Massachussetts, USA. He is presently the director of the social work program and the study abroad program at Anna Maria College. His area of interest is International social work and substance abuse.


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