“To Live in Hearts We Leave Behind is Not to Die.” Remembrance Sunday at Pusey House, Oxford University, A Review of Worship at Oxford University


  • Peter L. Kraus University of Utah




Self and Identity, Therapeutic Writing, Developmental Creative Writing.


In recent years, religious participation by students of all faiths at Universities in the United Kingdom has seen a steady increase in attendance. This brief essay is a case study of worship by members of the University Community at Pusey House at the University of Oxford, which reflects the trend. On a crisp fall, November day, the twenty-third Sunday after Trinity (8th of November 2015) I had the opportunity to attend services at Pusey House, Oxford on Remembrance Sunday while on sabbatical at The University of Oxford (St. Stephen’s House).

Author Biography

  • Peter L. Kraus, University of Utah
    Peter L. Kraus is an Associate Librarian at the J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah. During the Michaelmas term of 2015 he was is residence at St. Stephen's House, Oxford University


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