The Term "Design" as a Linguistic Case


  • Jevgeni Hristoforov PhD, Professor Dean of Design Faculty



Educational process, subjects of design, term design etymology, concept of design.


The main purpose of this article is to attempt to make the optimum definition of the concepts of design and designer. The study has been put the author's many years of experience in the field of training design, as well as numerous materials and research in the theory and history of design. As a result of the comparative analysis was formulation of a basic objectives and design subjects. Consideration was given to communication and relationship of design with art, architecture and manufacturing. In conclusion, the author formulates its own definition of concepts such as the design and designers and encourages them to use in the educational process. On the grounds of the analysis carried out, it is possible to make generalising definition to such a phenomenon as design: Design is an area of professional creative activity, which is aimed at creation, projecting, perfection or final shaping of the objects of material environment meeting the given utilitarian and aesthetical qualities.


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