Visual Merchandising and Emotional Design


  • YuQian Zheng Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai201600
  • YanMei Li Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai201600



Visual Merchandising, Emotional Design, Visual Display Design


Visual Merchandising is the aesthetic consumption of silent language,it is the emotional soul of the brand of clothing enterprises,is a kind of brand advertising,but also an important aesthetic marketing strategy.This is a visual and emotional oriented era,the trend of the world's design,has gradually exceeded the consumption of a single form of practical design,into the visual aesthetic and emotional design stage of consumption.In today's diversified consumption patterns,only take into account both,in order to win the favor of consumers.Visual Merchandising is to seize the needs of the market,not only in the visual display design in combination with the formation of personalized visual effects,but also focus on the emotional design of consumer psychology and people are always the main body of the design.


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