Myth from a Psychological Point of View


  • Mozhgan Yahyazade



myth, collective subconsciouslcollective dream


One of the most mysterious phenomena in the world that engage the human's curious mind for long time is to discover the unknown world of myth. Believes and costumes of every nation is like a very strong and big tree. That has rooted in myth and their result has appeared in art and literature; and now we can understand the importance of myth. In this study we have tried to consider myth and theory's about collective subcontinent and dream and to make clear relationship be literature's notion with psychology and its branches and whatever that analysis in this interfiled research is cases that show the importance of relation between different fields that with more and penalized investigation we can find new information that maybe with more consideration and more attention to relation of these sciences; we can discover the hidden and unknown aspect of human's life and his behaviors.