Cultural Anthropology Study on Historical Narrative and Jade Mythological Concepts in Records of the Great Historian: Annals of the First Emperor of Qin


  • MENGYAO LONG Peking University



Historical Narrative, Chinese Jade, Mythological Concepts, Cultural Origin, Ideology Construction


This paper takes Records of the Great Historian: Annals of the First Emperor of Qin, an essential historical narrative at the dawning of Chinese civilization, as a case to illustrate the causality of historical incidents and the underlying mythological concepts, reveal the underlying mythological concepts that dominate the ritual behaviors and narrative expressions, and highlight the prototype function of mythological concepts in the man’s behavior and ideology construction. Once the prototype of certain cultural community is revealed, the evolvement track of its historical cultural texts and the operative relations between coding and re-coding will be better understood.

Author Biographies


Dr. Juan Wu mainly engages in the study of English Literature and Literary Theory, Cultural Studies, Comparative Mythology, is a lecturer at School of Foreign Language, Beijing Institute of Technology. She has authored Vladimir Nabokov: “A Rigid Moralist” and numerous articles on academic journals. Recently she focuses on the Retelling of Myth in the Postmodern Sign Economy and Archetypal Criticism of Chinese Jade Mythology.

MENGYAO LONG, Peking University

Long Mengyao mainly engages in the study of German Politics and Democratic Socialism, is a master degree candidate at School of International Studies, Peking University. She obtained her German language and literature bachelor’s degree at School of Foreign Language, Beijing Institute of Technology.


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