Narrative Coordination in Sudanese Arabic


  • Reem Omar Maghrabi King Abdulaziz university



Narratology, syndetic coordination, asyndetic coordination, sequentiality, discourse analysis, conversational analysis.


This paper investigates how connectives are employed in the linking of events in narratives in naturally occurring conversations among Sudanese speakers of Arabic. It further explores if there are differences in signaling sequentiality in the narrative discourse of events. Analysis is done on long narratives chosen from the recorded data where a speaker is not interrupted but instead produces an extended piece of story-telling. Results so far show that there is a one-to-one relation between coordination and narrative sequentiality. Syndetic coordination marks general description of details and continuity while asyndetic coordination marks brevity and specification of details.

Author Biography

Reem Omar Maghrabi, King Abdulaziz university

Department of European Languages


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