Folklore in Jamal Al Ghaitani’s Novels: Al Zaini Barakat as Case Study


  • Raed Jaradat Tafila Technical University



Folklore, Jamal Al Ghaitani, Al Zaini Barakat, sophism, historical novel


The present research addresses Jamal Al Ghaitani’s life and thought in exploring the relation between the novelist and his narrative. It also addresses the historical novel in general and the association between the novel and the history in Al Zaini Barakat. Evidence is quoted from a book entitled “Bada’e Al Zohour Fi Waqa’e Al Dohour” by Ibn Elyas, followed by reviewing the characters of the novel determining the novel structure and forms and formula used for expression. The present researcher also tried to show the Sofi aspects and religious frame represented by documented sayings. I also talked about women and their role in the novel.


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