Grid Design Under The Context Of Chinese


  • ChanJuan Tu



Calligraphy Jie Grid, Chinese Characters, Grid design


This study was carried out to investigate the history of Chinese character grid design. Still, it seldom involves the understanding and use of the grid in the Chinese context, that is, the information transmission of Chinese characters. There is little research on the grid design of Chinese information applied to multimedia. This research aims to conduct the cross-disciplinary, diachronic study and qualitative research with ethnography. Moreover, examining the history of the use and recognition of grids in design, and its relationship with visual design in different ages and historical transitions in China. Besides, this research outlines the unique change track of grid design consciousness in the context of Chinese visual communication and information transmission and the historical and cultural enlightenment from the perspective of cultural exchange and comparison between China and foreign countries. Question: Is there the “grid” concept in art and design of Chinese tradition? What are they? Use historical research methods to explore which traditional Chinese culture is related to the grid.







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