The aesthetic dimension of light in metal jewelry


  • Alia Abdulaziz Alfadda Princess Norah bint Abdurahman University



Aesthetics, jewelry, light, modern, traditional.


Jewelry pieces, especially those with artistic touch are among precious things in all ages and times. The brightness of jewelry has its own character, which ascends to the world of palaces and the rich and ruling classes. The concept of brightness has changed nowadays, it is no longer confined to the reflection of light by precious raw materials and stones used in it, but also extends to include artificial light produced from electricity with its wide and enchanting world. Among all the inventions made in the twentieth century, the invention of the electric light has been the most important extending its use in jewelry as well.The relevance of this research is to highlight the importance of natural and artificial lighting in the aesthetics of jewelry from ancient times to the present day. We will also discuss the current developments resulting from changes in perception and content related to jewelry.

Author Biography

Alia Abdulaziz Alfadda, Princess Norah bint Abdurahman University

Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Innovation and Product DesignPrincess Norah bint Abdurahman University


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