Analysis and study of low-carbon clothing design and fashion lifestyle


  • Yan Zhang
  • Rong-rong Xu



Clothing Design, Environmental Protection, Fashion, Lifestyle, Low-Carbon.


Low-carbon is not only a slogan, but also a global action to protect the environment. In the clothing industry, low-carbon clothing design has drawn public focus and it also conveyed the notion that we should respect for nature and advocate the concept of conservation. Through the analysis and study of low-carbon clothing design, it comes to two conclusions: On the subjective aspect, low-carbon design consciousness of designers which humanization of costume design, design clothing beyond beauty, thinking and caring about people; on the objective aspects, low-carbon clothing design is analyzed in three main aspects: fabric, color and styling. It is necessary to put low-carbon concept into people’s behavior consciousness and let the slow fashion environmental concept return back to people’s fashion lifestyle, so that consumers can look for their self-positioning and rational thinking. Therefore, the design of low-carbon clothing should be raised to the design of humanistic care to ensure that low-carbon concept is a global need and responsibility.


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