An An Investigation into the Acquisition of Chinese Aspectual particles “?guo” and “?le” by native Shona speakers


  • PROFESSOR University of Zimbabwe



The second contributor's full name is HERBERT MUSHANGWE


The use of the Chinese language aspectual particles ?(guo) and ?(le) is very confusing for native Shona speakers yet these two particles are an important part of Chinese language grammar. Many researches have already been done regarding these Chinese aspectual particles by Chinese scholars. However, there are very few researches based on learners' perspective, let alone from the perspective of learners of Chinese who are native speakers of Shona. Therefore, to assist in reducing errors and to facilitate smooth learning of Chinese language grammar by native Shona speakers as well as minimising errors in the use of aspect particles, this research paper makes a comparative analysis of the aspect particle ?and ?. This research paper goes a further mile in establishing the close Shona equivalences of these two aspectual particles. An experiment with beginner level classes strengthens the findings of the investigation. This research paper mainly uses comparative research method so as to help learners draw examples from their mother tongue. The purpose of this paper is to describe the different use of these two aspectual particles ?and ? in contrast with the Shona language.     

Author Biography

  • PROFESSOR, University of Zimbabwe

    University of Zimbabwe Faculty of Arts


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