Sustainability in Transforming Cultural Feature Into Cultural Creative Product Design (Case Study of Malangan Mask)


  • Erik - Armayuda Trilogi University
  • Po Hsien Lin National Taiwan University of Arts
  • Rungtai - Lin National Taiwan University of Arts



Preserving culture, Empathy design, transformation, Cultural creative product, cultural product


Culture is a manifestation of human thought in response to their environment. in a conventional way, cultural product preserves because inheritors in some cases also depend on their economic life by producing it. In the design field, the effort of preserving culture tends to put culture as a design element instead of the sustainability of its community. Indeed to preserve culture a fair action should be taken in both sides of the cultural product and cultural actor/inheritors because, without the existence of the community, the cultural product would not exist. This study will present a technical process of those fair action by implementing a research model of FGHIJ which stands for Fairness, Gain Humanity, Impact, and Joy as a framework to explore the culture fairly. For a better understanding in a practical level, the Malangan mask culture will become a case study in this study as a real case. Using a qualitative descriptive method this studies found that there is a huge possibility to involve local in the whole process of design to give impact for local communities. This study proves that design is not only science to fulfil the needs of industry, but also sustainability for the next generation.

Author Biography

Erik - Armayuda, Trilogi University

Recently I am a student in National Taiwan University of Arts in the department of graduate school of creative industry (doctoral degree)


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