Analysed with Shanghai international fashion the development of creative industry


  • Jinjin Ma Shanghai University of Engineering Science,Shanghai, P.R. China,21600
  • Yue Hu Shanghai University of Engineering Science,Shanghai, P.R. China,21600



Creative industry, Fashion, Shanghai.


Rapid development of economy, and promote people to enter the era of knowledge economy. Under this background, the global economy especially the economic model of developed countries began to industrial restructuring and structural adjustment, and fashion creative industry economy is the product of the change. It embodies a nation in such aspects as culture, science and technology and creative design of soft power, to some extent, also represents a national industry's international competitiveness, is one of the most important industry in the development of leading industry. In the globalization trend of strengthening, today, the increasingly fierce competition in the international fashion scale and degree, the development of creative industry has become a measure of a country or a city comprehensive competitiveness of one of the important symbol. Therefore, many countries and regions all over the industry as a strategic industry and pillar industry to develop. Along with the rapid economic and social development as well as the consumer demand is rising, fashion creative industry gradually become Shanghai currently one of the most promising new industries. Especially in the face of the global economic downturn, China's transformation of the mode of development environment, development fashion creative industry will help speed up the Shanghai industrial structure transformation, beneficial to stimulate consumer demand, to improve the Shanghai international influence, for the Shanghai a new round of development, the construction of "four centers" and one of the breach of the international metropolis.


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