Unveiling the Dichotomy Between State and Local Government Projects: A Special Reference to Primary Education and Road Construction in South Western Nigeria


  • B.T. Badejo Ph.D
  • Ayotunde David Odewale




Local Government, Constitutional Function, Fiscal Relation, Southwestern and Nigeria.


This paper unveils the dichotomy between the state and local government projects especially on primary education and road construction in southwestern Nigeria. It reviews the related concepts. The study utilized both primary and secondary data. Primary data were collected through conduct of in-depth interviews.The results showed that the existence of various projects delivered solely by the local government; the ones financed through JAAC; and the ones jointly financed with the state government in the area of primary education, and road construction. This difference was evident in the areas of financing and inscription on the project. The paper highlighted some recommendations and concluded that local government had contributed immensely in concurrent functions with the state government, especially in the areas of primary education and construction and maintenance of roads in southwestern Nigeria between 1999 and 2015.


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B.T, Badejo (Mrs) is a Reader while ODEWALE Ayotunde David is also an Asistant Lecturer in the Department of Local Government Studies, Faculty of Administration, ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife. Nigeria.