Socio-Political Constraints on Translating Verbal and Non-Verbal Texts


  • Dr. Mohammad Qasem Al-Hamad Department of Language and Linguistics Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan



socio-political constraints, translation, norms, power, Wasfi


This paper relates to different kinds of political or social problems in translation through examining the content of Asher Susser'spolitical book, On Both Banks of the Jordan: A Political Biography of Wasfi Al-Tall. It was translated into Arabic by Jawdat Al-Sa’d: Al-Khat Al-Akhdar bain Al-Urdun wa Falasteen: Serat Wasfi Al-Tall Asiyasiyyah. The paper restricts itself to Susser’s book for two reasons. Firstly, the book embodies translations into Arabic, thus allowing us an opportunity to consider translations in a bi-directional manner. Secondly, this work illustrates the influence of politics and social norms on translation. In order to illustrate the discrepancies between the (ST) and the (TT) in terms of the socio-political, eleven examples were examined and analysed by three professors of translation, discourse analysis and sociolinguistics. The paper benefits from interviews with politicians, military officers, and researchers.