Viewpoint of Fakhruddin Iraqi, the seventh century mystic poet of Iran about love


  • Maryam Bakhtyar Assistant-professor Department of Islamic Gnosticism, Ahvaz branch, Islamic Azad University Ahvaz, Iran
  • Leila Shokohfar Islamic mysticism Islamic Azad University Ahvaz branch, Iran



Fakhruldin Iraqi, love, Lamaat, manifestation, lover, beloved.


In this paper, it is tried to consider fakhruldin Iraqi's particular viewpoint on love. Fakhuldin Iraqi is a fourteenth century lover and mystic poet. Sheikh Fakhruldin's Lamaat could be regarded as formal declaration of divine love custom and his fiery words indicate Sheikh Ahmad Ghazzalli's rousing words heat. He referred love based upon absolute truth and regarded love position as the existence, by itself, which should be discovered. Iraqi showed love as existence basis and core and presented creature entirely resulting from love and manifestation of beauty and the love emarginated by him is of another type. Iraqi's love is a fire which burns all the things it finds when heart busted into flames so that disappeared the lover's face from the heart as well.