The placement of pop songs in film as promotion: The PRINCE of Egypt—a mini-case study


  • Dean Diehl College of Charleston



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From humble origins as a masking sound for the clicking and clacking of early film projectors to epic masterpieces by masterful artists such as John Williams and James Horner, the use of music in film has evolved over time. This paper briefly examines the impact of the consolidation of entertainment companies into massive media giants covering film, television, video games and record labels on the use of music in film. As these media conglomerates seek to create synergy between their various divisions there is an ever-increasing potential for the aesthetic use of music in the creation of an aural atmosphere within which film makers tell their story to be compromised by the intentional introduction of songs for the purpose of increasing exposure and licensing income for priority artists. The paper includes an examination of the use of pop music in the marketing of the DreamWorks film PRINCE of Egyptas an illustrating case based on the author’s personal experience as the General Manager of a record label involved in the process.

Author Biography

  • Dean Diehl, College of Charleston
    Dean Diehl is the Director of the Music Business program at Trevecca Nazarene University.  Diehl spent 18 years in the music industry in various roles including General Manager of Reunion Records and Sr. Vice President of Marketing for Provident Label Group.  During that time he worked with artists such as Michael W. Smith, Third Day, Casting Crowns and Bob Carlisle.  In 2008, Diehl resigned from his position in order to pursue a career in higher education.  In 2011 Diehl received his Masters in Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University where he received the “2011 Outstanding MBA Graduate” award.


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