A Comparative Analysis of “A White Heron” and Border Town from an Eco-critical Perspective


  • Dongmin Wang Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University




comparative literature, eco-criticism, environmental feminism, environmental protection


Being one of the most well-known short stories and prose created by Sarah Orne Jewett, “A White Heron” has gained a reputation for both its romantic and realism descriptions. Comparatively, SHEN Congwen's Border Town, also a well-known novel in China known for its romantic language and compelling writing, exhibits a similar genre: environmental literature. With a prominent eco-critic approach, both stories show a clear plot about preserving the environment and nature. However, the two stories contain some differences in addition to similarities, due to differences in the setting and ideals of each author. This study is based on the literal analysis of “A White Heron” and Border Town, also analysis about the two authors. While utilizing the strategy of comparative analysis, this study focuses on comparing the resemblance and distinction between how the two stories embedded its eco-critical ideal, and how the upbringing and living environment affected their minds, aiming to awake people’s genuine fond of nature, call on humans to join environmental protection, raise awareness of reality while appreciating Jewett’s and Shen Congwen’s works, and eliminate the oppression on real-world environment.


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