Supervision System Reconstruction of Online Advertising in China


  • Xu Siyu



Online advertising; Advertising management; We media; Social supervision


Abstract: Under the influence of the frequently updated new media technology, great changes have taken place in the ecology of online advertising supervision up till now. In the past, most of the issues about advertising in China came to our view with the help of professional media. However, the role of We Media in the participation of  social supervision of advertising is still on the rise. Although professional media organizations are still the supervision backbone to report the follow-up supervision, the boundary of advertising supervision is increasingly blurred after the multiple subjects intervened the network public opinion field, and the advertising supervision is becoming more and more extensive in the multi-agent competition. With the enhancement of the dialogism and personal perspective of online advertising supervision, the basic mode of traditional advertising management is undergoing the subversion and reconstruction of the new narrative of social media in China.


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