Landscape Architecture: Diversification Strategies for Viable Architectural Practice


  • Erekpitan Omoikhefe Ola-Adisa University of Jos Jos, Nigeria
  • Gideon Koyan Benjamin University of Jos
  • Mangut Salihu University of Jos
  • Emmamoge Orewere Federal College of Forestry, Jos



Diversification, landscape architecture, organizational strategies, viable architectural practice


This paper presents an overview of strategies that enhance viable architectural practice. The principal strategy discussed in the paper is diversification. Horizontal diversification which can be achieved moving into more contemporary fields like landscape architecture strengthens the existing operational structure of the architectural practice. The study gives a basic description of the nature of landscape architecture and prospects for its practice by Architects in Nigeria, through a cross sectional survey of selected firms in North Central Nigeria. It also points to challenges of the future of landscape architecture practice in Nigeria and concludes with the recommendation of the use of the diversification strategy to maintain architectural practice viability and professional relevance of the architect as a leader in the building industry.

Author Biographies

Erekpitan Omoikhefe Ola-Adisa, University of Jos Jos, Nigeria

Senior Lecturer

Gideon Koyan Benjamin, University of Jos

Lecturer II

Mangut Salihu, University of Jos

Lecturer II

Emmamoge Orewere, Federal College of Forestry, Jos



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