The Roots of Ecofeminism in Terry Tempest Williams “Refuge”


  • Nouf Abdulhamed Alkhattabi University of Jeddah



Ecofeminisim, Terry Williams, feminist and ecological movements, nature


            There are strong ties that relate women to nature as women have been well known for their struggle not only for their rights, but also to protect and save the environment. Ecofeminism aims to liberate both assuming that they are the material basis of life. The study here, focuses on this relationship while examining the oppression practiced by men on both women and nature. Through the roots of ecofeminism Terry Tempest Williams explores in Refuge an Unnatural History of Family and Place the injustice of men and how she along with other female companions have stood against it. The study also explains how ecofeminists argue to eliminate the patriarchal structure to resist such domination practiced by men.


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