Sociology of Social Documentary Photography in Forming Social Movements and its Effect on Iran Islamic Revolution


  • Saeedeh Rahman Setayesh Teacher at Applied and Scientific University, News Collage of Shiraz, Fars, Iran
  • Mahgan Farhang Khaghanpour teacher in professional collage of Shiraz, faculty of educational group, education and learning office, Fars



Formation, Photography, Reflection, Sociology, Social Documentary.


Photography is taken as one of the modern disciplines of the art world. Social documentary photography, with its realistic, impartial and truthful nature, is aimed at keeping a record of social events. It is a document of an event happened in front of the camera which may symbolize history and identity of a society. As a science, sociology has emerged concurrently. Sociology of art is aimed at introducing the art or style of a given era which has been created by a given society. Reflection and formation are two significant approaches of sociology of art. It is aimed to highlight the effect of sociology of photography in forming social movements especially Iran Islamic revolution.


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