(Re)Branding As a Fundamental Prerequisite for Future Development of Montenegrin Tourism


  • Anđela Jakšić Stojanović, MSc. Oec.




Brand, Branding, visual identity, verbal identity, Montenegro


Having on mind the fact that the name of the country and its logo and slogan are very important for destination branding and its positioning on the global market, this paper will be focused on the branding system of Montenegro. The main purpose of the paper is to identify main advantages and disadvantages of its branding system in order to create a coherent visual and verbal identity which differentiate Montenegro from the competition and position it as an attractive, unique, recognizable destination on the global market.           The paper is based on the survey research design because of the fact that it represents a very valuable tool for assessing opinions, attitudes and beliefs of not only tourists, but also local residents about the branding system of Montenegro. The paper is based on the mixed research methods which involve both -collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data. The paper represents mixed research approach which includes mixing quantitative and qualitative approaches in an interactive way at all stages of the investigation. The main findings of the paper refer to the identification of the main associations on brand “wild beauty” and highlighting of its main advantages and disadvantages in order to point out the necessity of rebranding system of Montenegro.         The survey includes some topics about branding system of Montenegro which have never been carried in Montenegro before.