The number and its symbolism in ancient Greece


  • Doc. dr Milena Bogdanović



Sign number of ancient, Greece, Pythagoras, Music, Architecture art.


The symbols are of particular importance. They are the heart of the creative life; rather they are its core. They reveal the secrets of the unconscious mind open to the unknown and the infinite. While talking or gestures while express, we use the symbols, noting it or not. All spiritual science, all art and all art techniques encounter on their way symbols. History confirms that the symbols of each object can be obtained symbolic value, whether natural (rocks, trees, animals, planets, fire, lightning, etc...) or abstract (geometrical shape, number, pace, ideas, etc...). The use of numbers as symbols is as old as language itself, but one that precedes writing, which symbolize numbers (that is, where the reality behind the external characters). The sheer numbers and their symbolism in ancient Greece and is closely associated with the philosophy and mathematics (namely arithmetic). They summarize their view of the world and everything around them. This paper draws attention to the symbolism of the numbers that were in ancient Greece.





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