Anatomy of Gaudi's Curve Architectural Language


  • Jingjing Liu Shanghai University of Engineering Science



Casa Mila, Gaudi, Natural Elements, Organic Curve.


Gaudi was a unique architectural designer at the aspect of architectural design in Art Nouveau. His architectural design has a unique line design, including the external shape curve of Casa Mila being representative. The external shape design of Casa Mila had subverted the external design of traditional architectures. The wave shape of its vertical wall had broken the contemporary traditional aesthetic consciousness of architectures. Thus, the reasons and effects for the curved shape in the external shape design of Casa Mila showing incisively and vividly how subversive and disruptive Casa Mila being are the source of studying its external curve design. During the same period, many architectural designs were also applied to curves in the external shape of the buildings. Therefore, the external shape of curves on Casa Mila is how its architectural design curves standing out are contrasted by curve design applied to other contemporaneous architectures in the period of Art Nouveau. The view of this paper expounds the reason that the curvilinear design of Casa Mila is different from that of other architectures, and the influence of the curvilinear design of Casa Mila in the period of Art Nouveau. This paper starts with the analysis of the architectural curve of Casa Mila. By comparative analysis of curve profile and its curvature in external modeling of  "House of the People" and Tassel Hotel, this paper reveals that Gaudi's architectural features have an unique external modeling and conveys that the architectural curve of external shape more abounds  in using natural elements of imitation.


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