Rituals and their transcendence in Corporate Culture


  • Zahaira F. González F. González Vic University Company & Communication Faculty, Spain




orporate culture, Corporate rituals, Organizational culture, Internal communication.


The organization is structured in a "hard" and “soft” system, our research was focused on the image (soft system) and the result presents the importance to create a strong corporate culture (CC), to simultaneously enhance the positive image as well as the economic results (benefits). The Object of the study are working-hours dedicated to consolidate the rites and rituals as part of the CC implemented in Wal Mart SuperCenter (store No. 2346) in Mexico. We want to know if is possible to classify and measure the CC through the “Rites and Rituals”. On the basis of the results obtained and the manner in which our research evolved, we believe that it is possible to draw the conclusion that corporate culture can be numerically measured in terms of manhours. The rituals with the greater numerical representation within the company are the administrative ones, leading us to consider that the company is principally concerned with maintaining an open and continuous communication with its employees.