The Current State of Music Education in Ghana: A call for integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


  • Anthony Yaw Nyamful Methodist University College Ghana



Music Technology. Institutions, workshops, information technology.


The essence of this paper is to identify the current situation of music education in Ghana at the basic, secondary and tertiary level of education and the extent to which Information and Communication Technology has been integrated to the demands of the modern music student in Ghana. After studying the programmes of tertiary music institutions and syllabuses of examinations for basic and secondary schools it was revealed that there has been little emphasis as regards Information and communication technology. Furthermore, an interview conducted among a sample of music students, music teachers and professional musicians which was made out of a population across the southern section of Ghana, revealed limited knowledge pertaining to Music Technology as part of teaching and learning of music. Considering the importance of the study of music, the author of this paper therefore seeks to postulate that, as a means of upgrading teaching and learning of music, the Ministry of Education should organize workshops and conferences for music teachers in the area of Information and Communication Technology and how it could be applied to enhance the teaching and learning of music.

Author Biography

Anthony Yaw Nyamful, Methodist University College Ghana

Department of music and theatre studiesLecturer


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