Summarization of Major Art Book Fairs in China and Study on Their Subject Value


  • Nan Southwest University



Art book fair,, artists' books, art practice


In a time of unavoidable saturation by visual messaging for entertainment and marketing purposes, the Art Book Fair plays a vital rule of advocating for the community devoted to the printed page. Book fairs enter the Chinese exhibition space as a way for interactive, multi-faceted, multimedia promotion of the art book publishing industry and engagement in a visual discourse between authors and readers. This paper makes a preliminary study of existing art book fairs in China to present the course of their development, and finds that in addition to providing an urban space for artistic and literary-minded to meet and exchange ideas, they provide a forum brings together the independent publisher, writer and artist in the spirit of collaboration and common interests. We propose that art book fairs are an integrative, collaborative, multimedia artistic space that merits recognition as a relevant venue for exhibiting art.


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