Digitalisation of Commercial Serigraphy in Ghana


  • Eric - Agyarkoh University of Cape Coast



Commercial serigraphy, digital serigraphy, digital image generation, industrial screen-printing technologies in Ghana.


The paper researched into the pattern of technological development in digital serigraphy in Ghana and factors that contributed to the development. Qualitative research approaches such as field study, purposive sampling, unstructured interview, observation, thematic and descriptive analysis were employed for the study. After data analysis, the findings revealed that, the art of screen printing was introduced to Gold Coast in the 1930s by Britain through formal art education and experimentation by local sign writers. The craft started as manual technology in the Gold Coast until Information Communication Technology was introduced in the 1980s which ushered in industrial and digital screen-printing technology in Ghana. The findings also revealed that, factors such as colonisation, globalisation, trans-continental trade, formal art education, pragmatism, competition in multi-party elections and good government policies contributed to the development of screen-printing technology in Ghana. Based on the findings, the paper inferred that screen printing is one of the contemporary Visual Arts introduced to Ghana by Britain in the 19th Century. It also concluded that the craft has gone through stages of technological developments from the Gold Coast to its present electronic status. Also, implementation of prudent economic policies by PNDC government between 1983 and 1992, globalisation, trans-continental trade, pragmatism and introduction of ICT in Ghana in the 1980s set the pace for development of the local industry to its current status.   

Author Biography

  • Eric - Agyarkoh, University of Cape Coast

    Assistant lecturer of Communication design

    Depatment of Vocational and Technical Education (VOTEC) Unicersity of Cape Coast


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