Digital and Multimedia Way Out to the Preservation of Ebibindwom (Akan Sacred Lyrics)


  • Joshua Alfred Amuah University of Ghana, Legon



Ebibindwom, Multimedia, Digital, Preservation, Methodist Church


The Methodist Church which is recognized as one of the largest and oldest Protestant denomination in Ghana traces its roots back to the landing of Rev. Joseph Dunwell on January 1, 1835 in Cape Coast. During Rev. Thomas B. Freeman’s tenure as the Reverend Minister of the Methodist Church in Cape Coast, he encouraged the non-literate members of the Church to sing Ebibindwom when he realized they could not participate in the singing of English hymns. It’s worthy to note that the participation of the younger generation of the Church, in the singing of the Ebibindwom has dwindled. This paper is an attempt to present a way out to preserve this legacy in the digital and multimedia fashion so that the younger ones through the current technological era would learn, participate in, and sustain the singing ofEbibindwom.

Author Biography

Joshua Alfred Amuah, University of Ghana, Legon

Lecturer and Head of Department, Department of Music, University of Ghana, Legon.


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