The Israeli National Narrative: Incubator of Military Might


  • Gabriel Mayer University of Haifa Haifa, Israel



Military, Self-Defensive, Remarkable Military Machine.


The formation of the state of Israel and the War of 1948 was not the starting point of the nation, but a midpoint. Our contention is that during the past century, as the current Israel National narrative was molded, the notions of military might and invincibility was carefully-often unwittingly- lending the “transmettre à l'emprunteur” to the military. This article aims at examining the formative years form the late19th Century onward and tracing the development of self-defense militias into a legitimate fighting force, the modern IDF. The examination continues to the present where we examine the development of a superior military that far exceeds the self-defensive needs and projects itself into the modern world as a remarkable military machine. 

Author Biography

Gabriel Mayer, University of Haifa Haifa, Israel

1. Head Historian Martef Hashoah Museum,Jerusalem2.Graduate Affiliate University of Haifa


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