Regional Development Contribution of Toursim:Case of Adiyaman


  • Dr. Ismail UKAV Adıyaman Universiy Kahta Vocational High school



Tourism Sector, Regional Development, Adıyaman


Tourism has an important role in some issues such as exchange input, increasing business opportunities and decreasing blank of the paying balance. That’s why, sector of tourism is seen as a key sector in economical development and vanishing the imbalanced of inter-regions in developing countries. In this scope, Ad?yaman (Turkey), located in the region of the GAP (South Eastern Anatolian Project), has a significant status in the aspect of tourism and due to this; Ad?yaman is expecting to be evaluated. It is very sufficient to reveal the potential of Ad?yaman in the point of tourism sector and to give advices in order to improve the status. In this study, the position of the tourism sector in Turkish economy was manifested by means of various indicators. According to this, the number of the tourists visiting Turkey has increased about twenty two times and income of the tourism has increased fifthy-three times. It has been also determined that, the rate of the tourism incomes in GNP has reached 2,9 %; the rate in the export has reached 20,8 %. In addition to these, some analysis and comments have been suggested by determining the status of Ad?yaman in this relation and contributions that will support the country and regional development have been mentioned.