Stone Carving in The Locality 0f Eski?ehir With its Natural and Cultural Properties: Meerschaum


  • Nurbiye UZ Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Sculpture Yunusemre Campus, ESKİŞEHİR/TURKEY



Eskişehir, meerschaum, art, sculpture


Also known as sepiolite, meerschaum is a rock with magnesium and silicium base. This stone is whitish in color, with a very thin texture. Although known to be mostly used for making pipes, the archeological researches about this stone revealed that it had been known for about 5000 years and had been used for various purposes. Today it is seen to be used as a filtering and insulation material thanks to its absorbent property, whereas it has another use in knickknack making with its easily carved texture. Meerschaum is found in countries such as Somali, Czech Republic, United States of America, Greece, Spain, and France in the world, and around the city of Eski?ehir in our country. Almost all of the free-milling deposits of this stone is in Turkey, quarrying of which is rather hard. Meerschaum carving, as a craft identified with Eski?ehir, is a challenging artisanship that requires mastery, experience, skill, and patience. Although the sizes and durability are not very attractive for the artists, it is possible to see examples of sculpture made of meerschaum.