Intertextuality and Glocalization a Corpus-based Analysis of Advertisement Texts of an International Female Fashion Magazine


  • Shuo Cao School of Foreign Languages, Dalian University of Technology



 In the context of the glocalization of business, it is becoming increasingly important to better understand the cross-linguistic persuasive communication conveyed through media, such as advertisement, which is considered one of the most active form of modern media. In achieving this goal, intertextuality study in the pragmatic field proves to be helpful. Employing quantitative and qualitative approaches, we compare English and Chinese texts of advertisements in Cosmopolitan, the most sellable female fashion magazine, with the study focused on lexical, thematic and cultural intertextuality. It is found that the glocalization of advertisement for female products and services are dependent on local culture and language. The analysis of intertextuality between two texts will contribute to researches on female advertisements and international marketing strategy. 


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