‘Needs’ Based Development to ‘Desired’ Development: Locating the Freudian Idea in Social and Economic Development of Tribals after the New Economic Reforms in India


  • Bhabani Shankar Nayak Lecturer in Political Economy, Glasgow School for Business and Soceity, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, UK.




This paper is an attempt to study tribal development in India where the tribals are not only marginalized but also dispossessed in the process of economic reforms in India. A massive transformation is taking place in the tribal societies in India where a need based self-sufficient society is being transformed into a desired based consumer society. The process is accelerated by the neoliberal public policies in India that promotes the idea of ‘desired development’. In a way, this article is trying to document the nature of change in the tribal society which has traveled from ‘need’ based development to ‘desired’ development in the planning for tribal development. In this process of transition, we are trying to locate the Freudian idea in tribal development planning in India that is putting tribals under durable poverty, underdevelopment and marginalization. Hence, this paper seeks to contextualise the transformation in the ‘logic’ of public and corporate socio-economic development programmes implemented amongst tribal groups in India within the broader changes that have characterised the gradual and sometimes fraught transitions in capitalist social relations.