Educating Students Living with Blindness and Visual Impairment: A Critical Inquiry into The Production Processes and Use of Innovativetactile Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs) In The Akropong School for The Blind, Ghana




Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs), Develop, Design, Blind, Visually impaired, Basic School.


The purpose of this design-based method in the qualitative research approach was to produce content and context-specific TLMs for Upper primary learners living with blindness and visual impairment at the Akropong School for the Blind in Ghana. This was followed up by post-project personal interviews with four teachers and six learners living with blindness and visual impairment in the study area. The study produced four tactile TLMs to enhance the teaching and learning of Integrated Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies. These were tactile TLMs on the Human Digestive System, the Geographical Map of Ghana, the Toddlers' Shapes Puzzle, and the Addition machine. The learners expressed great excitement while interacting with the tactile TLMs that were produced. The findings revealed that the learners living with blindness and visual impairment revealed that the tactile TLMs highly improved their learning interests and outcomes while impacting positively on their retention and recall capabilities of learned concepts. The study contends that the Ministry of Education and the various educational institutions in Ghana must prioritize the establishment of instructional resource centres where innovative TLMs could be produced especially for students with special educational needs to heighten their learning interests and outcomes.


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