How “Me Too” Hollywood Types Destroyed Feminism


  • Daniel Otero English Teacher Investigate paper The Silver Beach Country High School Hui-dong County, China



Couch-Casting Calls, Double Standards, Hollywood, Feminism And Politics, Hypocrisy, “Me Too”.


“Me Too” is a historical and social event which needed to happen; moreover, it needed to happen in the workplace to assist women all over the world. It further needed to occur. Why? To stop the misogynistic behaviors of men in the film industry. However, and sadly so, it happened of all places in Hollywood. This ‘fantasy-land’, an industry in which more often than not--the truth is mired in double standards, hypocrisy and couch-casting calls. It is a place where always the latter three problems are part of the game. If not diluted into ego, drugs and alcohol. It is my point through this investigative paper, that tragically feminism came to die in Hollywood. Therefore, the only way to save the “Me Too” movement is to take it out of the politics and film industry. Then, apply it more to supervisors/men of power in the work centers around the world. This is the reason why, I strongly believe, if the “Me Too” movement either continues in Hollywood or in politics, it will surely become extinct with the remnants of feminism.


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