The Problem of Multiplicity of Insurance Contracts from the Fire to the Money of the Insured in the Jordanian Civil Law


  • Dr. Nabeel Farhan Al Shatanawi vice dean of law faculty at alabayt univiersity- jordan



The insured, in some cases the conclusion of more than a decade of insurance against risk of fire to more than insurance companies, so as to increase the total amount of insurance cover for the value of the money of the insured, what is the extent of commitment by all insurance companies to pay compensation when the risk of fire? This study sheds light on the position of the Jordanian legislature to demonstrate the shortcomings and imperfections in the drawback of legislative texts the issue of multiple insurance contracts from the fire, and realized the need to restore the Jordanian legislature consideration of this legislative regulation in terms of the need to distinguish between the insurer and the good faith and bad faith in the case of multiple insurance contracts and their impact on the right to obtain compensation when the danger, and the provisions of the commitment of the insured to notify the insurance company in multiple insurance contracts.              


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